MPT for Mac 11


We are proud to announce: MTP for Mac 1.1 out now!

MTP for Mac 1.1 is the first version, after a beta-testing start that was signed and notarized by Apple.

The core of our product is a driver, or module that extends the kernel of macOS with functionality to understand MTP devices, like Android. For security reasons, such software requires special treatment. It should be signed with a certificate with extended rights and notarized. These are requirements of macOS to work with drivers.

So now you don’t have to turn off any security checks. Now it works out of the box!

As was said, now our product is signed with a special extended certificate issued by Apple. Such kind of certificate could be received only by companies which passed full legal checks from Apple. It confirms the level of trust in our company from Apple. As well for the product, we’ve made for you.

Notarisation is the next level of defense from malware and different kind of security vulnerabilities. Our binaries were sent to Apple and checked by an automatic security checks system. After all checks have passed, we were given green lite. That proved that our software is secure and let additional guarantees to our users!

This is a big event for our team. But we are not going to stop. The next big feature we are working on is a Write capability to Android.


Sincerely yours,

HyperIntegrate team.