MPT for Mac 12

We are proud to announce: MTP for Mac 1.2 out now!

The new version's main feature is to write capabilities. Now you can transfer your data in both directions. Edit your files in place, and do all you could do with your USB stick!

The new version has many stability fixes as well.

During work on this version, we reworked a lot of code not only to add the feature we were asked so many times. But one of the goals was to make the product much more stable and make it to work with your hardware resources as optimal as it is possible.


Big Sur

As you already know the new version of macOS 11 Big Sur has been released. The new version has a lot of breaking changes, that has broken work of our driver on it. But the updated version with the support of Big Sur will be supplied soon as a hot-fix. Kindly hope for your patience.


Issues you may face with

During work on the Write feature, it was found that some older Android versions do not support Move-file functionality. So you unable to move files on such a device by MTP. One of the consequences is that you are unable to move a file into a Trash Bin. But luckily it's easy to overcome. How to do that you can find in our FAQ.

Another issue was found with Samsung devices. Samsung has its own implementation of MTP protocol on their Android devices. One disadvantage of this implementation as it doesn't have an MTP extension to write files by parts. That contradicts how File Systems work, which prevents us to mount these devices for Write. But it will be mounted as Read-only. If you want to copy on your Samsung gadget you can easily switch to Android File Transfer. How to do it you can find in our FAQ.


Sincerely yours,

HyperIntegrate team.