MTP for Mac 13

We are proud to announce the new version of MTP for Mac 1.3.

This version is a big rework of our Android file transfer solution, which put it on new rails. The result of a few months of proactive research and development.

One of the biggest advantages of this release is the transfer of the MTP driver to modern system frameworks. That provides better stability and performance of the product's main component. As well we worked hard to fix many bugs. And especially would like to emphasize better support to Samsung devices.


Rework of the driver, the main part of our Android file transfer product

Apple is well known for the rapid depreciation of frameworks in its systems. The same happens in the depths of macOS as well. Older frameworks usually receive less support from Apple, and as a result, start to accumulate errors in conjunction with the constantly changing system around.

By switch to a new communication framework in MTP for Mac 1.3, we add more guarantees from the system that connections over USB with your device will be as steady as macOS is able to provide. Another benefit of this switch is the performance. New frameworks are based on the experience of previous ones and usually provide better performance. And with new updates of macOS, you potentially will receive better performance and stability.


Improvements and fixes for Samsung

With this work, there are was fixed a lot of real bugs, and some potential that you probably would never be faced. And special attention was paid to Samsung devices.

Samsung has its own implementation of MTP and even the USB protocol stack has its own specifics as well. We did our best to satisfy to demands of Samsung's devices and to take into account their difference from Google's Android. Major bugs that were fixed are:

  • Modification time for files and folders reported wrong, somewhere in the future.
  • On connection, Samsung devices could not respond which may cause different unpleasant effects, such as temporal freezes or other kinds of instability.


Minor fixes

One of the minor bugs that were fixed is an Incorrect storage size report to the macOS file system. As a result, you could see in Finder the incorrect size of the storage on your device. Minor bug, but worse user experience.


We put our best efforts to make a State of the Art Android file transfer solution.

Android file transfer is not a stable task!? Our product refutes this. Give it a try it's FREE!


Sincerely yours,

HyperIntegrate team.