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HyperIntegrate is a startup based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The name of the company represents our main idea, which is an integration of different kinds of technologies to create innovative products which will meet our customer’s needs. Our product is based on our expertise and long-term experience in file systems and Apple macOS kernel development.
With our first product “MTP for Mac” we are targeted to make you free in a choice of mobile devices that you connect to your Apple Mac. Now to use your Android gadgets as easily as connect them to your Mac. This product originally was created for our convenience, now we hope it will make a more convenient life for our customers. We are very excited about its first version. And look forward to improving its abilities and work on adding new features.
But we are not going to stop on this product. We already have plans for future products and further innovations. We work hard in this direction.
New ideas united together to make the world better. We have got these ideas!


HyperIntegrate CEO,
 Evgeny Erokhin


HyperIntegrate is a trademark of

Hyperintegration OOO (Giperintegratsiya OOO)

D-U-N-S: 538052748